What is a LARP?

A LARP is a Live Action Roleplaying Game. There are lots of different kinds of LARPS, with different ways of telling a story, different types of mechanics, and different ways of resolving combat. Terror and Tentacles is what is sometimes called a “Salon LARP” because it typically revolves around theatre-like interaction of the players to create the story/solve the mystery/etc, rather than a combat orientated boffer LARP. This is a no-contact game that resolves combat without players having to physically fight.

What Kind of Games do you Run?

Many scenarios are set in modern times, in real places, but a story can take place in any time, any place, and be as realistic or fantastical as our little hearts desire. The setting may be completely mundane (as far as the characters know) or have elements of sci fi or fantasy. What they all have in common is some element of horror or Lovecraftian Spookiness. Cultists, Ancient Gods, Ghosts, Spirits, Monsters, everything is fair game.

Meet the GMs

Erika and Gnora are the masterminds behind the stories of Terror and Tentacles. Our process involves roughly six months of yelling at each other at midnight in a Tim Horton’s until we agree on the story. It works for us.

Erika is a baker and usually too covered in flour to look this cute. Gnora doesn’t always wear a jackalope hat, but it does kind of define her as a person.

We also have several friends who help us GM at big games after we’ve run them privately for our friend group.