How do I make my character?

Because the games are so story-based, all the characters are prewritten to go along with the plot. You’ll be provided with your character at/prior to the game. You can do some customizing of that base character to include your own personal touches, and the WAY the character is played is up to you.

How many people can play at once, and how long does it take?

Usually 12-24 players, depending on the plot and on the space. Every game is different, depending on how the players solve the scenario, but most games will take 3-4 hours. That includes the pregame brief (rules refresher, character brief, etc,) actually playing the game, and then the post-mortem where we go around and reveal our secrets and what our favorite parts are, and award prizes.

These games look fun! Will you come run a game at my con?

Maybe! Contact your con, and contact us!

  • Is it within driving distance of the Metro Detroit area?
  • Will it work with our schedules?
  • Will there be a big enough space to have all the players move around freely?
  • Will the con cover our expenses for attending, and/or compensate us for our time?

What about private parties? I have 12-24 friends!

Such a thing might be harder to work out logistically, but we’re open to the idea. Contact us. Sure would be a cool thing for a birthday or bachelor party, though. Or a baby shower! 😛

Can I run a game of my own with your rules?

It sure would be ballsy of us to say no, considering that we were inspired by the games we played at conventions run by other groups. We do ask that you:

  • Tell people that you are running Terror and Tentacles the game, but not that you represent us, the organization.
  • Not try to copy any of our full scenarios for your game. We will be posting some mini scenarios and other tips at a future date. Of course, elements of stories like “I loved that part with the hounds, lets do something like that!” are part of the creative process.
  • Link people to this website.
  • Tell us all about it! We want to know.

So…how do I do that?

As this website grows over the next year or so, we plan to post some guides on running games of your own, as well as prop-making tips, mini scenarios, etc. For now, drop us a FB message at Terror and Tentacles if you want to pick brains.