Art credit: unknown. If you know who drew this, we’d love to know.

The Hook: Today is the Day of the Dead, and the friendly neighborhood cafe is having a celebration. The customers, most of them regulars, are enjoying the atmosphere. Until THINGS begin to happen.

The Setting: Cafe Abuelita was opened in the mid 1960s by Teresa Vargas, in honor of her grandmother Alejandra, who worked on a coffee farm in Mexico as a girl and came to the US as a young woman. Teresa’s granddaughter owns it now. The cafe is a favorite neighborhood hangout, located near both a college and a business district. 


Art Credit: Gnora Ford-Lepthien

The Hook: Welcome to Unicon! Your favorite nerd-stravaganza is hosted this year at the newly-renovated historic River Grand Hotel. It’s midnight in the Consuite, but that doesn’t mean it’s quiet. The caffeine is flowing, the snacks are plentiful, and everyone is having a great time, until THINGS begin to happen…

The Setting: Unicon is a general nerd convention held in the American South. The game takes place in the consuite, a break and food room for the attendees. The River Grand is a historic hotel with a rich and storied past. It was established in 1880 and then rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1919. Recently, the hotel has undergone a massive renovations and updates. This convention is the first major event that it has hosted.